Two Pink Lines

January 31st, 2017. The day that two pink lines changed my life. I decided that I was going to take a pregnancy test that morning because I had been nauseous for a few weeks, but mostly because I always hoped I was pregnant whenever I had any type of symptom that portrayed pregnancy. Unfortunately, the same symptoms are also found in Endometriosis patients, so I often times felt nauseous and tired.  I had become conditioned to negative results, so I gave virtually no thought in peeing on that stick that morning. As I finally look up to see the results on the test, I start to see one bold line, which I was familiar with, but almost simultaneously after, a faint second line started to form and my heart started to flutter. There were TWO PINK LINES! I had to remind myself to breathe. I cleaned my glasses to make sure I was seeing correctly, and checked the box several times to see the description for a positive reading. “A positive result will show two lines, even if it’s faint.” This can’t be, there’s no way. At this point, I am freaking out!  I took a second test and two lines appeared again! I was in total shock. The next day I went to get a blood test, and when the nurse called me with the results, her exact words were, “You are VERY pregnant!” My cousin and I grabbed each other and cried and kept repeating “YOU ARE VERY PREGNANT!” as if we had to keep saying it to believe it.

The next day, I got to see my tiny blueberry baby at my first ultrasound appointment. Since I have a history of Endometriosis and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, they wanted to make sure it wasn’t an Ectopic pregnancy. Luckily, it wasn’t! Everything looked great and based on the ultrasound they confirmed I was 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I still couldn’t believe it.

blueberry sonogram

March 15th, 2017 I had my first doctors visit for a full exam. I was told that I had less than a 10% chance of conceiving due to my history and that this is a miracle. She reminded me that I also had a blocked fallopian tube in addition to the Endo and PCOS. How did this happen with all that my body had going against me?

I firmly believe that the detox and health retreat at BellaVita Lifestyle Center played a tremendous role. Exactly one month after being home from the intense 10 day detox program in California, I conceived this miracle baby. If I had any advice to anyone who is suffering from infertility, I would detox your body and adopt a plant-based lifestyle. I believe this worked for me!

Here I am at 15 weeks 4 days and I am feeling great! I do not have nausea anymore, and the first trimester exhaustion has subsided, a little.  I’m attending weekly prenatal yoga classes, and I try to stay active and busy but I still LOVE my naps! I will need to get over my naps when the baby comes in September! I had my 13 week scan and the baby looks healthy and growing well.  I definitely cried four times during that visit!


The only challenge so far has been managing my IBS with being pregnant. It’s a challenge, and not being able to take medicine has been frustrating. Before I found out I was pregnant, I sometimes wouldn’t eat through the day so that I could do activities but that has changed! I now eat at all day, and I am getting use to having food in my body, even when I have activities to attend. It’s a learning process, but this baby is already changing my life for the better!


For anyone who is struggling with infertility due to Endo and PCOS, do not give up. Miracles do happen! XOXO

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