Poop Camp

 I cannot believe I survived Poop Camp Boot Camp! I’ve been on my own now for three days with a new mindset, new body and new lifestyle. I am following a Vegan and Gluten Free diet and incorporating all I learned at BellaVita into my daily routine.  So far I have made amazingly NOTICEABLE strides. If you have been following my blog, you know by now the difficulty of living with IBS and chronic pain, but I haven’t taken any medicine, prescribed or over the counter in thirteen days! I went to BellaVita in search of healing for the physical body, but I also was healed emotionally and spiritually. I have never been surrounded by such caring, loving and humble people. The staff truly cares about your whole wellbeing. From the 6:30am morning hugs to personalizing treatments to whichever illness you have, these people are angels in human form.


Our amazing group

My mom and I arrived at the most peaceful property of BellaVita on Sunday, November 13th. Vineyards surrounded the premises with long country roads, and with a simple walk through the garden, you’d stumble upon a gentle flowing river. As others started to arrive, we shook hands introducing ourselves to the strangers that we would live with for the next ten days. I had no idea the kind of bond that we would start to share.We had our last supper that night, which was a beautiful bed of greens with a homemade dressing of some sort. It was extraordinarily delicious because I had not eaten all day. I devoured that salad like a rampage animal. We went around the table discussing the reasons why we were all there, and got to know one another a little bit before retiring to bed. The next day we started the strenuous routine of 6:30am wake up for vitals, morning lecture, earthing & enemas, walking 2-4 miles, gym, afternoon lecture, free time for saunas, hot tub & pool time or whatever you want, followed by late afternoon lecture and while all this is happening, we are receiving thirteen juices, tinctures, and poultices throughout the day!


The bug juice tincture was horrific! We had to take them like shots,  but it definitely did the trick because people were pooping out worm patties! I’m surprised I didn’t have any critters living up there from the amount of Taco Bell I use to eat. The poultice drink was just as gross in it’s own way.  If you didn’t chug right away, the liquid expands and makes it almost unbearable to drink, so one day I was in the shower and my mom had to run it into me! The poultice expands in the intestine to  grab toxins and when you poop it out it looks like fuzzy shaped crap! We had to do these two drinks three times a day as well as others, but these ones ranked top two on the disgusting chart.

             Bug Juice                                               Black Poultice

 I struggled a lot with the drinks. My body was in shock. I was not use to having anything in my body until mid afternoon at home, and I became sick to my stomach for the first five days. Every afternoon I would spike up to a mild temperature, and would lay in bed freezing with horrible stomach pains. Two of the nights I had cold sweats that soaked the entire bed. I was told that I was detoxing. I lost three pounds in the first day, and four pounds all together. I was pooping ten to twelve times a day, and that’s WITHOUT the sea water concoction that everyone else had to take to get their bowels dancing.

                            Detoxing                                     Mom drinking sea water

One of the days my mom and I were out for our daily walk and everything was going great, UNTIL I started to feel liquid was going to squirt out my ass! We were about a mile away from the house, and I knew I wouldn’t make it. I was squeezing my cheeks and told my mom “okay, it’s happening!” We ran into the grape vineyards and I had an explosion. I’ve never been so thankful for the toilet paper I brought because I’m sure grape leaves would have not been very pleasant. My mom was cracking up, and took a picture of me which I will spare you all. I guess the grapes got a little extra fertilization that day!

Although there were challenges, there were also triumphs that easily made me forget about the hardships. There were hilarious moments that I will never forget, and I was so happy to find people that loved to talk about poop as much as me! Poop talk never ceased, even while eating! We would ask each other, “So, how was your poop today? Was it runny or solid? How many times did you go? Was it black and fuzzy like mine? Did you have worms?” Nothing was off limits! After five days of juice fasting, we started to receive the most scrumptious raw meals and my pain in my stomach started to dwindle down.

I experienced a cold sheet treatment on the fifth day which consists of you lying in scorching bathtub water with a bag of hot spices, such as Mustard and Cayenne and Ginger (I think) which makes the water even more hot. Your temperature is raised to 102-104 degrees while you’re being served hot tea and cold towels are placed on your forehead. While I’m doing this, I’m thinking “what the hell am I doing?!” When you can’t take the heat any longer, you’re wrapped up in a sheet that has been soaking in ice cold water, and placed on a massage table, then you are further wrapped up in a burrito with three dry blankets. This has been shown to release toxins from your body, and create clarity in the mind. You lay there for an hour on the massage table sweating out toxins while Danny talks to you. Emotions flew off my chest, forgiveness was made, and an overwhelming peace came over me. I felt like a new woman.

Saturday came and it was time for a personal test as we all caravanned to Church. I cannot remember the last time that I carpooled with people, let alone people I barely knew.  With the loving support from my new friends, they got me to carpool with them even AFTER eating breakfast and I had no shit attacks! That is the biggest milestone ever. To ease my mind before we went, one of the ladies, Dawn,  jokingly suggested we create a “Out of Order” sign and stick it on one of the stalls at church, so that it would only be available for me if I had an attack! I thought that was the best suggestion anyone has ever said!  I’m totally going to do that from now on.



For the remaining four days of the program, I had no shit attacks, and my stomach aches lessened greatly. My teeth whitened, and my skin cleared up on my face. The raised bumps on my upper arms completely vanished, leaving the smoothest skin I’ve ever had! My positivity jumped ten notches, and I was finally feeling hopeful! By the end of the program, people were telling me just how much I had changed. I was more outgoing, happy, and had more energy than ever before. The day we left, I even ate lunch before getting on a plane. ANOTHER HUGE MILESTONE! I have never done that! My mom and I arrived back in Arizona and the next day we checked out this Vegan café. I had a great breakfast before getting on another plane to come visit family in Portland for Thanksgiving! Everyday I am making progress, and I owe it all to BellaVita.


My  mom and I on the last day! Feeling better than ever.


Danny awarding me my “diploma” for surviving Poop Camp!

With my last post and this post, I hope to have captured my experience at BellaVita in it’s entirety.  I would highly suggest giving yourself the best gift you could possible give, and that is the gift of health. Mind, body and soul healing. As always, thanks for reading!



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