Juices, Poultices and Enemas, Oh My!

 Something miraculous is taking place here at BellaVita. Today has only been the second day of detoxing, and so many people have noticed a positive difference in themselves. Over the last two days, everyone has talked about their problems and why they’re here. Ranging from Breast Cancer and chronic headaches to Lyme disease and depression, to name a few. Even though we all have different ailments, we are all here for the same purpose which is to be healed emotionally, physically, spiritually.  While this program is not totally guaranteed you’ll walk out a new man/woman, it brings each and every one of us the hope that we have all longed to have. This is our HUGE stepping stone to starting a new way of living.

A day in the life at BellaVita

Ludo, one of the staff members, joyfully sings hymns as he opens the doors of our rooms at 6:30am waking us up for vitals! We all get our blood pressure taken, weighed in, and report how many bowel movements we’ve had the prior day. Yesterday I had seven, and today I’ve had ten!  I also lost three pounds so far, which is definitely a motivator.  After vitals, we start our series of drinks, which are so disgusting! People start running to the bathroom during Danny’s morning lectures, but we never miss anything because there’s speakers in the bathrooms that allow us to hear him! Thank God they can’t hear us in the bathroom, or else they’d hear a nice shitting symphony! The stuff they give us, makes the gas sound like trumpets! After lecture, we do coffee enemas! I seriously have issues with this, and my coffee ends up spraying all over and I cannot hold the coffee in my body to save the life of me. I am still trying to master the art of shooting liquid up the ass, but I’ll get the hang of it…eventually! While the roommate is doing their enema, the other roommate walks outside on the grass barefoot. This is called “Earthing,” which has many benefits as you ground yourself to the Earth. Something about them magnetic forces, I guess. When everyone’s done with these tasks, we get another round of delicious potions, and then head out for a 2-4 mile walk along the countryside, which is beautiful and relaxing! Although it’s not so relaxing when you feel like you’re going to poop at any moment, so we all were told to carry toilet paper because there’s been times where people had to poop on the side of the road! After we survive the walk, we head into the gym, and get our work out on and guess what happens after we’re done working out!? We get another round of nasty concoctions. By this point, a man named Doug, has to encourage me to drink them and always gives me a high five after! We have afternoon lecture, and then we have FREE time starting at 1:30pm-5pm! In this time, depending on the day, we do sauna hot/cold shower therapy, massages, relax in the ozone hot tub, shower and nap! Everyone who knows me, knows I love my naps, but I haven’t taken one so far! Late afternoon lecture is followed with another round of drinks that we pretend are shots of tequila as we all “cheers” each other! Oh, and we don’t get to eat until Friday! Surpringly, no one is hungry and more importantly no one is HANGRY!

Then, my favorite part of the day… SLEEP! 6:30am comes fast and then it’s time to repeat!

While being here so far, we’ve been treated like Kings and Queens by the amazing staff of Danny, Ludo, Daniel, Tim, Mia, Sylvia and mama Blanca! We have all laughed and cried, it’s a healing family forming before our eyes and it’s a nice feeling! I can’t wait to get through these whole ten days, and write about the entire experience in detail, start to finish, for you all to read! Tonight, I just thought I’d share a little about what has happened so far. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Juices, Poultices and Enemas, Oh My!

  1. I am so happy that your doing this!! I truly believe you will come away from this a new women completely renewed! Loved the update on your blog 😊 Praying for you beautiful girl! Xoxo CarCar


  2. Omg- So inspired by your bravery and strength to go so far out of your comfort zone!! I’m so relieved you’re both there together💕 I can’t wait to read all about your “shitty experiences” >haha< 😩😉😕
    Love you both – ❤ TeeTee


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