It’s Go Time

Tomorrow is finally only one sleep away. My mom and I have been anxiously awaiting for this day to come, and it’s here! Back in September, I had a friend message me to tell me about the Modern Manna BellaVita Lifestyle Center. She knows of my health conditions and was extremely positive that a program like this could help me. She sent me their  website, and I read every inch of it. By the time I was through, I knew I needed to go. I sent the information to my mom, and the more she learned about it, the more she wanted to go too!  This 10 day program gives you the opportunity to push the reset button on your body. I’ve been watching videos about what to expect at BellaVita, and I decided that, while this could significantly change my life, I definitely have to give 100 percent. For the first five days, we will be in major detoxing mode. I’m talkin’ NO FOOD! We will be drinking all these liquids of sorts, poultices and giving ourselves enemas that will make us shit like no other. One lady pooped out a crayon that was stuck inside since she was a child, and many others have parasites ! It makes me wonder what I have hiding up there. You bet I’m bringing my Poo-Pourri spray and my butt wipes. After the fifth day, we get to eat! They will teach us how to prepare and eat a raw food diet for when we return home and supply us with all the tools to succeed. We will have massages, hydrotherapy (cold sheet treatments), daily walks, gym time, pool & sauna time and ten days without a phone! I am completely ready to disconnect from the world, especially now more than ever. Even with knowing of all this, I’m still unsure of what to expect, but I am praying that this will change my life, as I’ve seen it change other lives! I have been preparing all week for tomorrow and I can’t even tell you the level of anxiety that’s flowing through my brain. Usually I do not fly in the mornings because that’s when my IBS is the worst, but tomorrow I have no choice. I have to carpool with people (which I don’t do) from the Sacramento airport to the facility which is 45 minutes away. These two situations have been wreaking havoc on my mind. I’m constantly replaying scenarios in my head of “what ifs?” I am hoping for a smooth day tomorrow.  I am so grateful and excited for this opportunity and it’s all thanks to my mom for making it happen! Stay tuned for my experience at BellaVita, and thanks for reading!

Time to pop my tummy pills, and hit the hay! Let’s hope I won’t have to take pills for much longer!

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