Random Blabs

“Hi, do you have restrooms for customers?!”

Those are the words of my best friend calling the Dollar Store before going craft shopping this morning. Ya’ll need to get yourself one of these friends, one who will do this before you go anywhere if needed, just to make your anxiety leveled. My mind is constantly racing when I’m out in public, and even hours before I leave the house. Are there restrooms? How many stalls will there be? Is it a private bathroom or several stalls? This place looks busy, I bet there will be a line. That’s what’s my mind is doing, anytime I’m out in public.

Today,  I ran out of my super magical stomach pills, so I was extra nervous to go toodling around, but I did it with the help of my friend, because SHE eased my anxiety. I know where all the bathrooms are in my town, and I have my favorite public restroom! Albertson’s never disappoints, there’s three stalls, it’s clean and has semi loud music so you don’t feel like you’re playing battle shits with the girl next door. Target is my second favorite, which is where we found these sweet costumes!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Here’s a quick little story for tonight.  One day while taking my kitten to the vet, I had a full blown “shit attack,” sweat dripping, cramping and legs start to go numb. I asked for a restroom, and the receptionist said I would have to wait until an exam room opened to use one in the back. I’m thinking, “oh hell no, I’m not going to make it!” I knew there was local store, in walking distance, but I needed to have a membership card to enter! At this point, I’m waddling down the sidewalk, cheeks clenched and all, and I legit opened up a $5 membership just so I could shit. If the lady had taken one more second opening my membership, there would have been a clean up on aisle one! The things people have to do when they have IBS, I’ll tell ya! At the time, I was in panic mode and worried about the embarrassment of pooing myself, but now I’m able to laugh at all my stories I’ve had. They’ve all made me stronger, somehow…

More posts to come, still getting the hang of this! Xoxo

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